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Parallel Session

08:15 Registration
08:50 Opening & Welcoming Addresses
09:00 keynote address-
Challenges and opportunities for Taiwan High-technology industry
Professor Chin-Tay Shih
09:45 invited talk
How Artificial Intelligence is driving new compute architectures in an emerging memory centric world
Steve Pawlowski
10:30 Break
10:45 invited talk
AI based Predictive Maintenance technology and workflows
Rajesh Berigei
11:15 invited talk
Accelerating AI on FPGAs for Smart Manufacturing
Dr. Ted Way
11:45 invited talk
Cognitive Enterprise - Reinventing your fabs with AI
Ryuhichiroh Hattori
12:15 lunch
13:30 invited talk
Redefine your AI infrastructure
Frances Chien
Dell Technologies

AI in Semiconductor Manufacturing

14:00 Feature extractions from a high-dimension low-samples data for multi-dimension virtual metrology
Hui-Zhen Bu
U. Tsukuba
14:20 IC test quality enhancement by introducing machine learning
14:40 Mining factors impact wafer circuit probing via neural network and statistics for semiconductor device fabrication
Hsiao Ying Yang
15:00 Optimizing Chiller Switch-on Time Interval for Chiller Power Consumption Saving via Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning Framework
Yu-Chu Tsai
15:20 Break
15:40 ISSM-2018 Best Paper
Materials Informatics for Process and Material Co-optimization
Fumiaki Tanaka
16:00 Process control technique to dramatically reduce voids in phosphorus-doped poly-silicon for trench field-plate MOSFETS
Saya Shimomura
Toshiba EDS
16:20 Optimizing production performance through trace-level chamber analysis
Kim Kok Gan
16:40 ISSM-2018 Best Paper
Prediction of the Number of Defects in Image Sensors by VM using Equipment QC Data
Toshiya Okazaki
Sony Semiconductor
17:00 ISSM-2018 Best Paper
Real-time Etch Control to Reduce First Wafer Effect in SF6/O2/Ar Plasma
Sangwon Ryu
Seoul National University
17:20 Adjour

Engineering Excellence

14:00 Applications of hybrid flowshop schedulings under dynamic constraints of queue time and capacities
Motoharu Tanaka
U. Tsukuba
14:20 Analysis for dynamic statistical process control with interventions
Lingyen Yeh
Sun Innovation
14:40 Tungsten Gate Replacement Process Optimization in 3D NAND Memory
Yung-Tai Hung
15:00 Novel manufacturing process for SI superjunction power MOSFETS with air-gap and insulating cap layer
Yuhki Fujino
Toshiba EDS
15:20 Break
15:40 Electrical failure analysis using SEM automated process inspection (API) system
Yu-Chi Chen
16:00 A measurement system analysis research framework for measurement system and empirical study with automation time-domain measurements 
Yu Mei Ling
16:20 ISSM-2018 Best Paper I
Process Control Technique to Reduce Wafer Warpage for Trench Field Plate Power MOSFET
Hiroaki Kato 
Toshiba EDS
16:40 Chemical-mechanical polishing process of STI and DTI
Hsieh Chingyu
17:00 Adjour

Interactive Session

P1 The identification coding rules and the acceptance criteria of measuring instruments
Chih-Jen Wang
P2 A bipolar HFO2 based resistive RAM with high on/off ratio under different algorithm
Chen Ching Hua