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2018 spotlight

Welcoming addresses by Dr. Ian Chan, Chairman of Supervisory Board, TSIA (left); Jay Chiang, Asia Pacific Executive Director, GSA (center); Shuichi Inoue, Chairman, ISSM Executive Committee (right).
Welcoming addresses by Leuh Fang, TSIA BoD (Chairman & President of VIS)
Invited guests and speakers (front row from left to right): Dr. Jeremy Wang, Dr. Jonathan Chang, Jay Chiang, Thomas Chen, Dr. Ian Chan, Dr. Nicky Lu, Shuichi Inoue, Tom Ho.
Leuh Fang (TSIA BoD) and Robert Chien (General Chair)
Keynote speech by Dr. Nicky Lu, Chairman, CEO & Founder of Etron Technology (above); Souvenir presentation to Dr. Nicky Lu by Dr. Ian Chan (right).
Dr. John Wang (MathWorks) addressing the audience on emerging trends of industrial interests

Dr. John Kibarian (President & CEO, PDF Solutions) sharing his business savvy on EMBA intelligence

Brad Klenz (SAS) on streaming analytics of digital twins
Hot industrial topics attracting focused attentions of the audiences and invited guests (above).
Dr. James Moyne (Applied Materials) on developments beyond conventional approaches of advanced process controls
Souvenir presentation to President Tom Ho (left) of BISTel for an invited talk about artificial intelligence and fault detection, by Chairman Shuichi Inoue (right) of ISSM Executive Committee.
Attentive audience absorbed by hot topics of industrial interests
Invited talk by Dr. Vijay Sankaran (right) of IBM on AI in Semiconductor Design and Manufacturing.
IDr. Rahul Ahlawat (Cymer) on high-power data analytics
Invited talk by Dr. Spark Tsao (left) of Trend Micro on artificial intelligence, internet of things and cyber-security.
Leuh Fang (TSIA BoD), Dr. C. Hsu (Program Chair) and Jay Chiang (GSA)
(left) Committee members (from left to right): Dr. C. Hsu (program chair), Robert Chien (general chair), Dr. Nicky Lu (TSIA BoD), Shuichi Inoue (ISSM committee) and Thomas Chen (steering committee).
(from left to right) Dr. James Moyne (Applied Materials), Dr. Rahul Ahlawat (Cymer), Barak Bringoltz (Nova) and Tom Ho (BISTel)
Session chairs conducting smooth proceeding of the technical sessions (from left to right):
Dr. James Moyne (Applied Materials) and Supika Mashiro (TEL)
Research group of Prof. Sumika Arima (right) from the University of Tsukuba.
Dr. C. Hsu (Program Chair) and Dr. John Kibarian (PDF Solutions)
Active networking among participants encouraging information exchanges.
(from left to right) Session chairs and General Chair: Dr. Chris Luoh (Macronix), Alan Weber (Cimetrix) and Robert Chien (tsmc)
Joint committee meeting of eMDC and ISSM.
General Chair addressing the audience during the Opening Ceremony

Active participations and exciting interactions among speakers and participants (left and above).
Happy networking among speakers, guests and all participants!