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Mobile devices have thoroughly re-revolutionized the ecology of the semiconductor industry.
Led by all kinds of innovative applications forever imaginable and with the need to get connected together in cyber-space, we observe significant changes to the semiconductor ecosystem as many giants yesterday suddenly finding themselves being by-passed by new comers in a different arena, created as if out of nowhere and inflated as if almost overnight. It seems natural that markets wax and wane as technology evolves and habitat necessarily gets established and destroyed.

The Organizers envisage these rapid changes of the semiconductor ecosystem and fully appreciate the need to synchronize collaborative efforts among partners in the industry to adapt swiftly to the dynamic environment. Accordingly this symposium is to discuss about Ecosystem Collaboration so that device designers, IP-providers, IC manufacturers, equipment makers, system developers, software vendors, and application creators can harmoniously cohabit synergistically to collectively cater to the common good of the general public.

Towards this, the Organizers endeavour to bring together all the experts and researchers from different fields in the industries of semiconductor, photovoltaics and solid-state-lighting to share their latest developments, break-through advancements, practical experiences and innovative ideas. Our focus has always been on cross-collaborations, operational strategies, technological innovations, and business partnerships. Any topic with objectives of sustainable development remains as always our principal interest. Presentations on Ecosystem Collaboration will be highly welcome and facilitated.



A Joint Symposium with ISSM 2013
The Ambassador Hotel Hsin Chu, Taiwan


The Ambassador Hotel Hsin Chu, Taiwan
September 4, 2012

A Joint Symposium with ISSM 2011
The Ambassador Hotel Hsin Chu, Taiwan
September 5-6, 2011


A Joint Symposium with AEC/APC-Asia 2010
Hotel Royal Hsinchu, Taiwan
September 3, 2010

Taipei International Convention Center
October 2, 2009

A Joint Symposium with AEC/APC-Asia symposium 2008
The Ambassador Hotel Hsin Chu, Taiwan
November 27-28, 2008

The Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei
June 14, 2007


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