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Year 2012 marked some changes. Perhaps the most compelling and mind absorbing was about all the prophecies of the 'end date' of the last 'Great Cycle' of the 'Long Count' in the Mayan Calendar. Fortunately this universe survives and we humble humanoids were blessed to celebrate the arrival of another eon.

A causal remark in last year's outlook about 'the beginning of the end of one chapter in the Taiwan manufacturing industry' rather misfortunately turned out just as stated. With a complete reshuffle of the DRAM manufacturers in Taiwan, all the ventures in the DRAM industry during the past two decades unceremoniously step out of the main stage quietly. Similarly, the reverberations of over-supply in LED and solar panel industries hit squarely on many players in the field.

Finding new business ventures and creating new technological advancements to establish competitive capabilities, and consolidate manufacturing advantages, always remain as paramount challenges to everyone. TSIA/ISSM endeavour to bring together all the experts and researchers from different fields to share their latest developments, break-through advancements, practical experiences and innovative ideas. Our focus has always been on cross-collaborations, operational strategies, technological innovations, and business partnerships. Topics of sustainable development are of principal interest.



The Ambassador Hotel Hsin Chu, Taiwan
September 4, 2012

A Joint Symposium with ISSM 2011
The Ambassador Hotel Hsin Chu, Taiwan
September 5-6, 2011


A Joint Symposium with AEC/APC-Asia 2010
Hotel Royal Hsinchu, Taiwan
September 3, 2010

Taipei International Convention Center
October 2, 2009

A Joint Symposium with AEC/APC-Asia symposium 2008
The Ambassador Hotel Hsin Chu, Taiwan
November 27-28, 2008

The Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei
June 14, 2007

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