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Taiwan champions all other nations with one world-record. No other countries in the world rely so heavily on the semiconductor industry for its contributions to their national GDPs as does Taiwan. Around 12% of the US$470b economy is generated by the semiconductor manufacturing industry alone. More significantly, the semiconductor industry accounts for almost half of the total GDP contributions of the manufacturing sector altogether, up from only around a quarter a decade ago. Such a structural change essentially shifts Taiwan into the high-tech gear in powering the world economy. All these GDP achievements are cultivated by less than 1% of the total population, an astonishing example of high-value addedness in the creation of wealth.

Year (NT$b) 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007
semiconductor 652.9 818.8 1,099.00 1,117.90 1,393.30 1,466.70
GDP 10411.639 10696.257 11365.292 11740.279 12243.471 12910.511
%GDP 6.27% 7.66% 9.67% 9.52% 11.38% 11.36%
%manufacturing 25.15% 29.22% 36.07% 35.83% 43.02% 43.06%

Year (NT$b) 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
semiconductor 1,347.30 1,249.70 1,769.30 1,562.70 1634.2 1888.6
GDP 12620.15 12481.093 13552.099 13709.074 14686.917 15230.739
%GDP 10.68% 10.01% 13.06% 11.40% 11.13% 12.40%
%manufacturing 43.01% 42.35% 49.82% 45.97% 39.66% 43.31%

Year (NT$b) 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
semiconductor 2203.3 2264 2319.1      
GDP 16111.867 16759.016 17111.263      
%GDP 13.68% 13.51% 13.55%      
%manufacturing 45.59% 45.23% 45.26%      


Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association is chartered to advance all aspects of semiconductor industry in Taiwan, from designs to manufacturing to testing and packaging. This non-profit organization endeavors to serve its member companies from strategic positioning to tactical deployments, from personnel trainings to alliance executions, from technological developments to platform exchanges, and many others, for the common objective to forge a world-leading advanced high-tech manufacturing base in Taiwan.

TSIA envisages the rapid changes of the semiconductor ecosystem and fully appreciates the need to synchronize collaborative efforts among partners to adapt swiftly to the dynamic environment of the world economy. In view of these, TSIA collaborates with the regional offices of the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) and the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) to organize the ‘e-Manufacturing & Design Collaboration Symposium’ program as a regional arena for frontline engineers, managers and executives to keep themselves abreast of the technological trends, and as a platform to exchange visions with the global environment worldwide.

The eMDC Organizers endeavour to bring together all the experts and researchers from different fields in the industries of semiconductor, photovoltaics and solid-state-lighting to share their latest developments, break-through advancements, practical experiences and innovative ideas. Our focus has always been on cross-collaborations, operational strategies, technological innovations, and business partnerships, with the notion of sustainable development as the supreme guiding principle. The Symposium attends to the needs of device designers, IP-providers, IC manufacturers, equipment makers, system developers, software vendors, and application creators for a harmonious and synergistic cohabitation to collectively cater to the common good of Mother Nature and the general public of mankind.



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