General Information

With substantial uncertainty over the rampant interruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, the Steering Committee is taking priority concerns on the safety precautions and well-beings of every potential attendee of eMDC-2020, both locally and internationally. After careful considerations into this prolonged agony amid lengthy lockdowns on global scale, it is decided that the scheduled event of eMDC-2020 on September 4, 2020 in HsinChu, Taiwan, shall be cancelled this year.

Both Steering Committee and Organization Committee truly regret such an enduringly stressful decision but wish to thank the solid supports and contributions of all participants and collaboration partners of eMDC-symposia. The Steering Committee shall review the overall situation periodically to decide on further developments and sincerely wishes good health to all potential attendees of future events of eMDC.

Theme – EMBA Intelligence in Semiconductor Manufacturing

The accumulations of advancements in computational algorithms, computing powers and dynamic memory spaces during the past two decades, have succinctly reached a threshold that, with the final championship of machine over human at the most ancient strategic game of civilization, a new era of intelligent manufacturing has dawned in the semiconductor industry world-wide. The ultimate distillation process over integrated networks, from raw data to pixel information to packet knowledge to consolidated intelligence, has blossomed in uncharted wild fields with human imagination as the only limit.

Coupled with notions of Industry 4.0 with its cyber-physical systems over Internet of Things, from self-driving vehicles to nano-robot farms to self-fabricated devices in all kinds of realities, virtual or augmented, how to realize their impacts in the manufacturing processes bears critical importance on further advancements of the semiconductor industry. Four different aspects of innovative creations are identified: Engineering, Manufacturing, Business and Artificial intelligence, for crystallizing the magic balls.

TSIA/ISSM/SEMI/GSA endeavour to bring together all the experts and researchers from different fields to share their latest developments, break-through advancements, practical experiences and innovative ideas. Our focus has always been on cross-collaborations, operational strategies, technological innovations, and business partnerships.



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