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September 15 -- Joint Symposium of eMDC-2017 & ISSM-2017
Time Topic Speaker Association
08:30 Registration
09:00 Opening & Welcoming Addresses Dr. Ian Chan
Terry Tsao
Robert Chien
J Chiang
Shuichi Inoue
09:10 keynote address
Heterogeneous Integration in Silicon Age 4.0 Delivering Intelligences for VR/AR, Robotics and AI
Dr. Nicky Lu Etron
09:55 invited talk
Design and implementation of I4.0 Smart Manufacturing in Semiconductor BE
Dr. Jonathan Chang Infineon
10:25 Break
10:55 invited talk
What is Deep Learning, and how can it help me?
Dr. John Wang MathWorks
11:25 invited talk
Using Real-Time Data Acquisition and Big Data Analytics Across Global Semiconductor Manufacturing Chains
Calvin Kuo Qualtera
11:55 Lunch
Afternoon Special Session — AI in Semiconductor Manufacturing
Time Topic Speaker Association
13:30 invited talk
Smart Fault Detection Using Artificial Intelligence
Tom Ho BISTel
14:00 invited talk
From AV to AI
Dr. Spark Tsao Trend Micro
14:30 invited talk
AI in Semiconductor Design and Manufacturing
Dr. Vijay Sankaran IBM
15:10 Break
15:40 Session — Engineering Excellence (II) 
15:40 Wafer Pattern Classification and Auto Disposition by Machine Learning James Lin UMC
16:00 The productivity opportunities by applying machine learning algorithms in a fab Chia-Yu Lai TSMC
16:20 Best Paper of ISSM-2016
Visualization technique of maintenance work with motion capture sensors
Munehito Kagaya TEL
16:40 Real-time Resource Allocations and Shceduling of Product-mix Production Systems with Multi-type jigs Yutaka Akiyama U. Tsukuba
Afternoon Session — Engineering Excellence (I) 
Time Topic Speaker Association
13:30 Device Scaling vs. Process Control Scaling: Advanced Sensorization Closes the Gap Mark Reath
Alan Weber
13:50 ANYSYS Chip-Level and Wafer-Level Simulation on Semiconductor Process Development Yu-Chih Chang Macronix
14:10 Design of a 60V-n-NLDMOS device based on thermal oxide technology for improvement of HCI Syed Sarwar Imam Asia University
14:30 Dual Port SRAM Read-Disturb-Write mechanism and design for test Robert Lo tsmc
14:50 Best Paper of ISSM-2016
Plasma Erosion Behavior of Yttrium Oxide film formed by ADM
Hiroaki Ashizawa TOTO
15:10 Break
15:40 Best Paper of ISSM-2016
Layout-based Test Coverage Verification for High Reliability Devices
Yoshikazu Nagamura Renesas
16:00 Target and Uniformity Controls of WLP in SSL/LED manufacturing K Hui tsmc
16:20 A Promising Solution to Reduce Plasma Induced Damage (PID) of High Density Plasma (HDP) Oxide without Sacrificing the Gap-fill and Throughput Performance Chin-tsan Yeh Macronix
16:40 Understanding and Controlling Wafer Surface Contamination at Wafer Level Chip Scale Package Wiljelm Carl Olalia ON Semiconductor
Afternoon Session — Manufacturing Excellence 
Time Topic Speaker Association
13:30 New RMS Design Based on SEMI E170 Secured Foundation Of Recipe Management System Masahide Hirouchi IBM
13:50 Real-time Shceduling of HMLV Productions using the Optimum Production Cycle extended by ATSP Solver Bu Huizhen U. Tsukuba
14:10 A Novel Method of WTW for Productivity Improvement NS Shen UMC
14:30 Resolution of Die Chippings thru Determination of Occur and Escape Cause at Automatic Optical Inspection Process Wiljelm Carl Olalia ON Semiconductor
14:50 Best Paper of ISSM-2016
New Method of Screening Out Outlier (Expanded PAT during Package Test)
Tadashi Sakamoto JSC
15:10 Break
15:40 Dynamic Shceduling of  Product-mix Production Systems - Periodical Priority Dispatching and OPCs Beizhu Zhang U. Tsukuba
16:00 Safety shutdown of process equipment by automatic remote operation Kuniaki Ishimoto JSC
16:20 Particle removal efficiency evaluation of filters in high temperature IPA Tomoyuki Takakura Nihon Pall
Afternoon Session — Interactive 
Time Topic Speaker Association
13:30 A practical flow regarding 2nd party audit on quality proficiency in supplier management Chien-Hui Lu Powerchip
An Universal Method to optimize Shrunken Distance of the Step Plate Yun-Chieh Tseng Powerchip
Base on Bias and Process capability index monitoring mechanism to improve tool consistency Tzu-Ting Wang Powerchip
The Application of TRIZ Algorithm to solve the problem of byproduct Yi-Fang Hsin Powerchip
To improve the Measure Fail Rate On SEM through Six Sigma DMAIC methodology CC Chao Powerchip