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Parallel Session

8:30 Registration
9:00 Opening & Welcome Address
9:15 Invited talk-
Emerging Trends in Semiconductor Industry: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Predictive Analytics
Dr. John Wang
MathWorks, Inc., USA
9:50 Invited talk-
Avoiding drowning in your Data Lake …
Dr. John Kibarian
PDF Solutions
10:25 Break
10:50 Invited talk-
How to Use Streaming Analytics to Create a Real-Time Digital Twin
Mr. Brad Klenz
SAS Institute

Invited talk-
Beyond Traditional APC
Dr. James Moyne
Applied Materials Inc.

12:00 Lunch

EMBA Intelligence

13:30 Invited talk-
Automated Data Analysis and Performance Tuning in DUV Light Source
Dr. Rahul Ahlawat
14:10 Invited talk-
Applying Smart Manufacturing and Machine Learning Methods Across Global Semiconductor Ecosystems
Dr. Paul Simon
14:50 AI and Big Data Analytics for Wafer Fab Energy Saving and Chiller Optimization to Empower Intelligent Manufacturing
Chen-Fu Chien1,2, Ying-Jen Chen3, Ya-Tung Han1, Meng-Ke Hsieh3, Chi-Ming Lee1, Taylor Shih4, Mao-Yung Wu4, Wen-Wei Yang4
1 National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, 2 Artificial Intelligence for Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (AIMS) Research Center, MOST, Taiwan, 3 DALab Solutions x Associates Co., Ltd., Taiwan, 4 Macronix International Co., Ltd., Taiwan
15:10 AI Applications for Green Manufacturing
Stock Chang, Keung Hui, KH Tsai, CC Chuang, Leo Ke, Evan Wu, SY Sheen
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.
15:30 Break
16:00 Machine Learning and Big Data in optical CD metrology for process control
Barak Bringoltz, Eitan Rothstein, Ilya Rubinovich, YongHa Kim, Noam Tal, Oded Cohen, Shay Yogev, Ariel Broitman, Eylon Rabinovich, and Tal Zaharoni
Nova measuring instruments
16:20 Recurrent Reinforcement Learning for Predictive Overall Equipment Effectiveness
Da-Yin Liao1, Wen-Pao Tsai2, Hsuan-Tseng Chen2, Yao-Po Ting2, Chieh-Yu Chen1, Hsing-Chi Chen1, Shi-Chung Chang1
1 National Taiwan University, 2 Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.
16:40 Apply RPA (Robotic Process Automation) in Semiconductor Smart Manufacturing
Ssu Chieh Lin, Lian Hua Shih, Damon Yang, James Lin, Ji Fu Kung
United Microelectronics Corporation
17:00 Adjourn

Engineering/Manufacturing Excellence

13:30 Process Window Optimization by Die to Database e Beam Inspection
Tuung Luoh, Ling-Wuu Yang, Tahone Yang, Kuang-Chao Chen
Macronix International Co. Ltd.
13:50 Resolving Wrong Die Picked Thru Development Of Sequentialbased Application for Die Sorter Equipment
Wiljelm Carl K. Olalia, Samuel T. Suaverdez, Mark Anthony O. Velasco
ON Semiconductor Philippines Inc.
14:10 The Value and Effectiveness of Sensor Trace Analytics in Solving Yield Impact Issues: A Case Study
Kim Kok Gan, Hein Mun Lam, Michael Zhao, Joe Lee, Tom Ho
14:30 Smart GDBC Screening for High Quality IPD
Hao Chen, Hung-Chih Lin, and Min-Jer Wang
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd
14:50 Shop Floor Optimization through Job Scheduling and Machine Automation
Yuwen Zhang
Singapore University of Technology and Design
Glenn T. Placido
ON Semiconductor Philippines Inc.
15:30 Break
16:00 Smart Manufacturing Stakeholders and Their Requirements
Alan Weber
Cimetrix Incorporated
16:20 Queue Time Reduction in Wafer Fab Process through Lean Six Sigma Approach
Eric KERK & Chih Ming CHAN
16:40 On the Decomposition of Bias Terms in Mixed Multi-Product Multi-Tool APC Operations
Keung Hui, Leo Ke, SY Sheen
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.
17:00 Adjourn

Interactive Session

P1 A Microlens Reactive Ion Etching Process Study on CMOS Image Sensor
Wen-Hao Lo, Pin-Chieh Huang, Cheng-Han Ting, Kuo-Fang Huang, Tz-Shiuan Tzeng, Tz-Shiuan Lin, Shih-Ping Lee
Powerchip Technology Corporation
P2 Electrical and Reliability Characteristics of LPRTO and ISSG Oxide as Tunnel dielectric in SONOS Applications
Yi-Ping Lin, Chia-Hsin Liu, Tsung-Hui Chou, Chia-Hsin Tsai
Powerchip Technology Corporation
P3 Method and application of metrology tool alignment for semiconductor cross FABs
Tang-Chi Wang, Ya-Chuan Chan
Powerchip Technology Corporation
P4 Multi-Products, Process and Machine Control Chart Application in Semiconductors
Wu Cheng June, Wei Jui Chen
Powerchip Technology Corporation
P5 A practical Quality control System for raw material through COA data analytics on Semiconductor Manufacturing
Ricky Leu, Demeter Chen
Powerchip Technology Corporation