Special Announcement

With shocking development in the severity of wide-spread community infection of Covid-19 and unprecedented Class-3 alert from Government Authority, and taking into consideration the huge uncertainties of vaccination towards herd immunity, the Steering Committee has no other alternative but to cancel the Joint Symposium of eMDC-2021 and ISSM-2021 this year.

This sudden interruption mercilessly drains all efforts thus far pitched in by the Organization Committee and the goodwill and generous contributions served by our sponsors, not to mention the hard efforts and countless hours invested by the authors preparing their technical papers. It is also a great setback for all our partners at SEMI, GSA, ISSM, AIMS, IMPACT and IEEE. The Steering Committee truly regrets such a painful decision and shall continue to monitor the situation for future events of the eMDC-symposia.

General Information

Theme – Digital Transformation of EMBA Intelligence in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Moore’s Law on the transitions of transistor density is no match to the rapid evolution of genetic mutations of biological molecules, as profoundly exemplified by SARS-CoV-2 virus leading to global lockdown. Coupled with vast-scale wars of global trades and technologies, it results in drastic changes of supply chains with hugely severe impacts to a wide spectrum of industries. The current acute shortage of semiconductor chips for the automotive industry world-wide is just an inopportune example of individual corporate decisions being inadvertently convoluted to collective interruption of harmful consequences.

Perhaps one possible way of mitigating such pains lies in how Digital Transformations can be successfully adopted to help in the applications of EMBA Intelligence in Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry.

Sufficient advancements in and huge amounts of computing powers, memory storages and computational algorithms have constantly been harnessed to distill from raw data to innovative creations in Engineering, Manufacturing, Business and Artificial Intelligences. It now remains on how to tacitly employ such accumulated distillations to digitally transform every aspect of semiconductor manufacturing, so that our rate of technological evolution may somehow catch up with biological mutations to protect both lives and civilizations against potential destructions from unforeseeable interruptions.

TSIA/SEMI/GSA, in collaboration with ISSM, endeavour to bring together all the experts and researchers from different fields to share their latest developments, break-through advancements, practical experiences and innovative ideas. Our focus has always been on cross-collaborations, operational strategies, technological innovations, and business partnerships.