To Engage in International Negotiations on Behalf of the Local Industry

Member Directory

Account Company Name Industry
0001 Powerchip Investment Holding Manufacturing
0005 Industrial Technology Research Institute Others
0009 Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation Manufacturing
0010 Taiwan Mask Corp. Mask
0013 Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Manufacturing
0014 Applied Materials Taiwan Equipment/ Materials
0016 Aplus Integrated Circuits Inc. Design
0024 Integrated Silicon Solution( Taiwan), Inc. Design
0027 Nanya Technology Corp. Manufacturing
0029 Lam Research Co. Ltd. Equipment/ Materials
0031 KLA Corp., Taiwan Operations Equipment/ Materials
0032 Sunplus Techonology Co., Ltd. Design
0040 Winbond Electronics Corp. Manufacturing
0041 Orient Semiconductor Electronics, Ltd. Packaging/ Testing
0044 Lingsen Precision Industries Ltd. Packaging/ Testing
0048 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. Design
0049 Etron Technology, Inc. Design
0050 Hermes-Epitek Corp. Equipment/ Materials
0051 Episil Technologies Inc. Manufacturing
0055 United Microelectronics Corp. Manufacturing