TSIA 2001Annual Report on Taiwan IC Industry
Taiwan- March 18, 2002
The annual IC industry revenue in 2001 in Taiwan was NT$526.9 billion, a 26.2% decrease from the previous year, according to Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association (TSIA). The revenue generated by the fabless sector was NT$122.0 billion, a 5.9% growth; the manufacturing sector created a revenue of NT$302.5 billion, a 35.4% decrease; the packaging sector created a revenue of NT$77.1 billion, a 21.2% decrease; and the testing sector generated NT$25.3 billion, a 22.9% decrease from the year 2000. A slow recovery is expected in the year 2002.
According to TSIA, the fabless sector in Taiwan has been focusing on nitch market and was therefore able to keep a positive growth in the severe downturn in 2001. The memory companies, in contrast to the shining performance in 2000, were those suffered most declines due to the drastic price-drop in 2001.
In the manufacturing sector, the average capacity utilization rate was below 70% throughout the year 2001, a rare downcast for the device manufacturers in Taiwan. In the fourth quarter, the manufacturing sector saw an increase in foundry demand and a 20% revenue growth from the previous quarter was achieved, a sign of slow recovery from the bottom of the economic cycle. The memory chip manufacturers in Taiwan suffered a 50% decrease in revenue while the global revenue of the memory sector declined for 60%. The total IC manufacturing revenue in Taiwan was NT$302.5 billion in 2001, a 35% decrease from the previous year.
In the packaging and testing sectors, the reduction of order from the difficult upper-stream sectors, the fables and the manufacturing sectors, resulted in a shrinking revenue. The 2001 revenue of the packaging sector was NT$66.0 billion, a 21.2% decrease from 2000, and the figure for the testing sector was NT$ 25.3billion, a 22.9% recess from the previous year. A positive sign noted was that the revenue in the fourth quarter grew 10% from the third quarter.
With the prospect of global recovery from the stock excess and supply control, the semiconductor industry expects a healthy operation improvement in the year 2002.
Starting 1998 Q3, TSIA have been collecting data with respect to the revenue, business type, product sales, and market distributions of its member companies and reports on the analytic results are open to its member companies. The purpose is to provide in-time useful information to TSIA member companies as business planning references. TSIA provides a variety of services to its member companies and the issue of quarterly report is one of them.
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