Morris Chang Announced as the New TSIA Chairma
Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association(TSIA)announced Dr. Morris Chang as the new Chairman after its new Board held the first meeting earlier today.

  Dr. Chang has been the founding Chairman of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.(TSMC)since 1987, of Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation since 1994, and of Wafer Tech, LLC since 1996. Prior to his career in Taiwan, Dr. Chang was also the President and Chief Operating Officer of General Instrument Corporation in the United States from 1984 to 1985, and was at Texas Instruments for 25 years between 1958 and 1983. Dr. Chang received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 1964.

  Dr. Genda J. Hu will continue to serve as the President of TSIA, as nominated by the new Chairman and approved by the Board of Directors.

  Founded in 1996, TSIA represents over 130 semiconductor manufacturers and companies in Taiwan. At home, TSIA provides various services for its member companies and protects the interest of the industry on trade issues and on government’s industrial policies. TSIA also represents Taiwan’s semiconductor industry participating in various international activities. Taiwan’s recent activities in WSC, ITRS, SICAS, and WSTS programs are all attributed to the effort of TSIA.
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