Taiwan SRAMs Antidumping Case Termination in Countdown Phase
After the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) reversed its previous two determinations and ruled that Taiwan SRAMs were not causing any material injury to the US industry, the Court of International Trade (CIT) officially approved this remand determination on August 30. This affirmation was made one week after a hearing on the negative injury determination. The swiftness of the Judge's decision indicates the strength of TSIA's position after the second remand determination.

  The Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association (TSIA) has been working shoulder by shoulder with Taiwan semiconductor industry on this SRAMs antidumping case since the very beginning. After relentless work of the TSIA, ITC finally made its negative injury determination in the second remand proceeding. Before the final judgement from CIT was made, Micron asked for a hearing and was held on August 22. Without efficient and practical arguments, Micron’s struggle in the hearing was in vain. The ITC negative determination was affirmed in just one week, instead of the general prolonged process of several months, and has made clear the truth that Taiwan SRAMs were not threatening to the US market. The upcoming success has shown the world that Taiwan’s tenacious defense is paying off.

  Micron has sixty days from entry of judgement to appeal the CIT’s affirmation to the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC). If Micron does not file an appeal, the case will be terminated. According to President of TSIA, Dr. Genda Hu, even if Micron files an appeal, it is simply a strategic consideration to lengthen the collection of antidumping deposits on imports of Taiwan SRAMs. Dr. Hu declared with confidence that Micron’s meaningless strategy would never work out without powerful proof. At the end, we will see the antidumping case order revoked with justice. This success will also mark a new record of Taiwan industry on the global stage.
(Contact person: Ms. Roslyn Liu E-mail: roslyn@tsia.org.tw)