TSIA Sued the US Producers for Dumping DRAM into Taiwa
TSIA (Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association), representing a collective interest of local DRAM industry, has filed a petition with the Ministry of Finance against the United States manufacturers for dumping DRAM into Taiwan market. The International Trade Commission is expected to start the investigation immediately.

  According to TSIA, Taiwan accounts for around 14 percent of the world’s DRAM market consumption. The major difference between Taiwan and foreign DRAM markets is that Taiwan is an open market. Nearly 80 percent DRAM products are imported from foreign countries. Local DRAM selling price has plunged by as much as 10 fold on some of the products in the past year, and some of the local producers were even forced to phase out from the DRAM market or to put off expansion plans. Evidence shows that the dumped prices of the products from the United States manufacturers, which are obviously the market price leader, are contributing to the material injury suffered by the local industry.

  As TSIA points out, the evidence to the import volume and value of DRAM from the United States clearly indicate that the US manufacturers are selling the products into Taiwan at a price less than the normal value, and the margin of dumping may be more than 46%, causing material injury to the Taiwan manufacturers. Therefore, the antidumping petition was filed against the DRAM imported from the United States, pursuant to Article 46-1, Paragraph 3 of the Customs Duty Law, and Article 6 of the Implementing Regulations on Imposition of Countervailing and Antidumping Duties, so as to protect and secure the interest of the local industry.

  For years, the semiconductor industry has been known as the "petroleum field" fueling the growth of the hi-tech industry of our country, and the DRAM segment in fact constitutes the major driving force of the semiconductor industry. If the material injury suffered by the DRAM industry is continued, it will substantially impact the long-term development of not only the semiconductor and electronic industries, but also the overall economy of Taiwan. At this critical point in time, TSIA and its members are all anticipating that the government will follow the spirits and rules of fair trade as enshrined in the WTO agreements, and takes timely actions to desist the unfair trade practice of foreign producers, so as to maintain the market competition and the interest of the local industry.
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