Dr. TY Wu appointed the TSIA President
Dr. TY Wu appointed the TSIA President

Effective April 1st, 2005, Dr. TY Wu will succeed Dr. Gordon Chen to be the new TSIA President.

Graduated from the National Taiwan University in 1966, TY Wu obtained his PhD from the Department of Electrical Engineering of Stanford University in 1971. He worked at IBM for about 16 years. Afterwards, he joined Dr. Frank Huang to be the President of Umax Data Systems. Prior to TSIA, he has been the senior technical consultant of the Powerchip Semiconductor Corp.

Gordon Chen, the former president of TSIA, was invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be the deputy representative of Taiwan to South Korea. When working at TSIA, Dr. Chen had been involved in the government deregulation of investing 8 inch fabs in China, and had strived to urge for government deregulation of investing packaging and testing companies in China. In TSIA’s participation in World Semiconductor Council (WSC), Gordon had worked hard to seek for the best interests of Taiwan Semiconductor industry and had earned respect and friendship from representatives of other semiconductor manufacturing areas.

TSIA was founded in 1996 and has been representing the semiconductor industry of Taiwan in both domestic and international affairs. TSIA became a member of the World Semiconductor Council (WSC) in 1999 and has been an active participant since then. Besides, TSIA has been also actively participating in international activities such as ITRS, SICAS, and WSTS.

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