Dr. Frank Huang Elected TSIA Chairma
Dr. Frank Huang Elected TSIA Chairman

TSIA annual assembly held on Dec. 14, 2004 elected its 5th term Board of Directors and Board of Supervisors. Totally fifteen Board of Directors were elected, including the following:
Wafer Manufacturing Sectors:
Arthur Y. C. Chiao, Chairman of Winbond
C.Y. Lu, Senior VP of MXIC
Frank Huang, Chairman of PSC
Jih Lien, President of Nanya
Len Mei, Senior VP of Promos
Peter Chang, Vice Chairman of UMC
Rich Tsai, President and COO of TSMC

IC Design Sector:
C.C. Huang, Chairman of Sunplus
Jeffrey Y, Tang, President of Myson Century
M. K. Tsai, Chairman of Mediatek
Nicky C. C. Lu, Chairman of Etron
Wenchi Chen, President of VIA

Packaging and Testing Sector:
Homing Tang, VP of ASE
J.Y. Hung, Senior VP of SPIL

Research Institute:
Jyuo-Min Shyu, Executive Vice President, ITRI

The newly elected 3 Board of Supervisors include Liank Wu, President of TM Technology (Design), Edward S Duh, Executive board director of OSE (Packaging and Testing), S. J. Paul Chien, Chairman and President of VIS (Manufacturing)

Right after the annual assembly on December 14, Frank Huang of PSC was elected as the TSIA Chairman by the new board directors. Arthur Y. C. Chiao (Winbond), Nicky Lu (Etron), Peter Chang (UMC), and Rick Tsai (TSMC) were elected as the managing board directors. S.J. Paul Chien of VIS was elected as the TSIA chairman of board of supervisors.

Under Dr. Morris Chang’s leadership as the TSIA chairman in the past four years, TSIA has strived for greater participations of its members and greater functions of its board. Efforts made included Charter amendment to regulate that each member company and its subsidiaries can only have one representative in TSIA board, and to set up quota of board directors from the four sub-sectors, eg. design, wafer manufacturing, packaging, and testing; respectively. TSMC even decreased its seats in TSIA board from five to one. This change has strengthened TSIA Board functions with companies from up and down streams to work together. TSIA has also created “IC Design Committee”, “IP Working Group”, and “Organizing Committee for the IC Design Executive Council” to enhance the co-operations of Taiwan IC Design sector.

TSIA’s participations in the World Semiconductor Council (WSC) have been very active during the past years as well. Efforts have been made to assure that TSIA’s interests and rights will not be adversely effected in CSIA’s joining the WSC in the future; and to seek for equal rights of TSIA in hosting and chairing of all WSC meetings and to increase TSIA industry representatives to the WSC from 2 to 6 in the WSC Charter amendment, hopefully in the near future. TSIA has also been seeking for members’ greatest interests and preventing members from unfair treatment or limitation on IP rights protection and ESH issues, etc.

TSIA, representing common interests of the Taiwan Semiconductor Industry, has been communicating with Taiwan government in legislations and policy making. Outcomes included the deregulation of investment of three 8 inch fabs in China, and the deregulation for packaging and testing sectors is expected to be optimistic. Furthermore, TSIA has successfully sought for revisions of the “Regulations for Encouragement of Manufacturing Enterprises and Technical Services Enterprises in the Newly Emerging, Important and Strategic Industries“, around three hundred Taiwan semiconductor fabless companies will benefit from it in tax reductions.

TSIA was founded in 1996. Chairman of the first and second terms Board was Dr. Chintay Shih, former president of the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). Under his leadership and the support and help of Dr. Morris Chang, TSIA became a member of the WSC in 1999. Dr. Morris Chang was chairman of the third and fourth terms Board. The fifth term chairman, Dr. Frank Huang, is currently not only chairman of PSC & UMAX Group, but also chairman of the Taipei Computer Association. His activeness, enthusiasm and relationships with Taiwan government and industries, and with China as well, will definitely advance TSIA’s functions and strengthen TSIA’s member services in the future.

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