SIA Reports $139 Billion in Sales for 2001 Global Chip Market
SAN JOSE, Calif. - February 3, 2002 - Worldwide sales of semiconductors in the fourth quarter 2001 were unchanged from the third quarter at $30.5 billion, ending three quarters of double digit declines. Together, the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific regions grew 3.7 % in the fourth quarter, sequentially. In Japan, recessionary pressures pulled semiconductor demand down 11.8% for the quarter.

"Product comparisons show a number of improving trends in the fourth quarter," said George Scalise, SIA president. "Key demand drivers, wireless handsets and personal computers, bottomed out in the third quarter and recorded double-digit increases in the fourth quarter. Semiconductors used in these products, including microprocessors, digital signal processors, and DRAMs, also registered double-digit gains. In addition, in a challenging environment, US companies were able to increase global market share from 50 to 51%."

Scalise added, "Increased sales in markets outside Japan indicate that demand for semiconductors in the major economies is pulling out of a downturn and began to grow in the fourth quarter. We expect flat to slightly up sales in the first quarter of 2002, another indicator of recovery since this is traditionally a seasonally flat to down quarter."

Compared to November 2001, worldwide sales in December were down 4%, consistent with seasonal industry patterns. "Except for 1999," Scalise noted, "monthly semiconductor sales in December for the past six years have registered a decline just as we are seeing this year."

The SIA's Global Sales Report (GSR) is a three-month moving average of sales activity. The GSR is tabulated by the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) organization, which represents approximately 66 companies. The moving average is a mathematical smoothing technique that mitigates variations due to companies' monthly financial calendars.

December 2001
Month-to-Month Sales
Market Last Month Current Month % Change
Americas 2.50 2.47 -1.2%
Europe 2.32 2.20 -5.3%
Japan 2.32 2.13 -8.5%
Asia Pacific 3.46 3.39 -2.2%
Total 10.60 10.18 -4.0%

Year-to-Year Sales
Market Last Year Current Month % Change
Americas 5.55 2.47 -55.5%
Europe 3.73 2.20 -41.0%
Japan 4.31 2.13 -50.6%
Asia Pacific 4.30 3.39 -21.3%
Total 17.89 10.18 -43.1%

Three-Month-Moving Average Sales
Market Last 3 Months Current 3 Months % Change
Americas 2.44 2.47 1.4%
Europe 2.09 2.20 4.8%
Japan 2.41 2.13 -11.8%
Asia Pacific 3.24 3.39 4.4%
Total 10.19 10.18 -0.1%