TSIA 2001Q3 Report on Taiwan IC Industry
Taiwan- November 5, 2001 - The total 2001 Q3 IC industry revenue in Taiwan was NT$115.4 billion, a 7% decrease from the previous quarter, according to Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association (TSIA). The 7% recess was an obvious improvement from the 22% quarter-to-quarter decline reported last quarter.

  According to TSIA, steady market demand in micro-component, consumer, and network chip products was the major factor which kept the fabless sector in Taiwan from damaged by the economic downturn. The 2001 Q3 industrial revenue created by the fabless sector was estimated to mount to NT$ 30.5 billion, a 10% growth from the second quarter of the year.

  In the manufacturing sector, foundry and DRAM consisted of around 90% of Taiwan‘s IC manufacturing business. The foundry revenue was down10% due to global recess in fabless and IDM business while the DRAM manufacturers still suffered from severe price drop. The estimated revenue in Q3 was NT$ 61.2 billion, a 16% decline compared to the second quarter of this year.

  In the packaging and testing sectors, the packaging sector had partial order improvement and minor price decline than the previous quarter while the testing sector still suffer from price drops. It is estimated that the 2001 Q3 revenue of the packaging sector reached NT$18.3 billion, keeping at the same level as last quarter, and the figure for the testing sector was NT$ 5.4billion, a 7% recess from the second quarter this year.

  The decline from the second quarter to the third quarter showed obvious improvement compared to the decline from the first quarter to the second quarter of this year. The report said that although the pivotal Christmas sales may create better performance for the fourth quarter, it is difficult to tell if the downturn has hit the bottom.

  Starting 1998 Q3, TSIA have been collecting data with respect to the revenue, business type, product sales, and market distributions of its member companies and reports on the analytic results are open to its member companies. The purpose is to provide in-time useful information to TSIA member companies as business planning references. TSIA provides a variety of services to its member companies and the issue of quarterly report is one of them.
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