According to the 2001 Q2 Report on the status of Taiwan IC Industry, issued by TSIA, the Q2 IC industry revenue reached NT$122.5 billion, a recess up to 24.2% compared to the same period last year. This fully reflects the effect of the global economic recession, said TSIA.

  According to TSIA, the 2001 Q2 industrial revenue created by the fables sector was estimated to mount to NT$ 27.6 billion, a minor growth of 1.8%, compared to the same period of the previous year. However, if compared to Q1 this year, the performance still shows a recess of 8.3%. The 1.8% minor growth margin attributes to the diversified product profile of the fables sector, especially those making micro-components and consumer products.

  In terms of manufacturing sector, its estimated industrial revenue in Q2 was NT$ 72.4 billion, revealing a drastic downturn of this sector. The growth rate is down 32.3% compared to the same period last year, and down 27% compared to Q1 this year. The recession is partly resulted from reduced order from overseas IDM customers and partly due to the landslide drop of DRAM prices.

  In packaging and testing sectors, local orders accounts for about 50% of the packaging business and about 60% of testing business. Therefore, both sectors are seriously affected by the recess of the upstream sectors. It is estimated that the 2001 Q2 industrial revenue of IC packaging industry only reached NT$16.4 billion, an 18.8% recess compared to Q2 last year. The figure for testing industry was NT$ 6.1billion, a 16.4% recess from the same period last year.

  With the fabless sector as the only exception, the overall performance of the Taiwan IC Industry in Q1 and Q2 this year showed negative growth. According to TSIA, the hope of the industry lays in the seasonal market peak in Q4 and the delivery of new software and hardware products.

  Starting 1998 Q3, TSIA have been collecting data with respect to the revenue, business type, product sales, and market distributions of its member companies and reports on the analytic results are open to its member companies. The purpose is to provide in-time useful information to TSIA member companies as business planning references. TSIA provides a variety of services to its member companies and the issue of quarterly report is one of them.
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