8th ISESH Confere nce Was Successfully Held in Taiwa

  The 8th International Semiconductor Environmental, Safety and Health (ISESH) Conference, hosted by Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association (TSIA) in coordination with European Semiconductor Industry Association of the European Electronic Component Manufacturers Association (EECA/ESIA), Japan Electronics & Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA), Korea Semiconductor Industry Association (KSIA), and the U. S. Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) has been successfully held from June 18 to 20 in Kenting, Taiwan.

  During the Conference, 75 technical papers were presented by ESH specialists from the five co-sponsoring regions. The presenters included not only representatives from the semiconductor manufacturing sector, but also experts from the equipment producers, chemical suppliers, research institutes, ESH consulting companies, and medical professionals. The most prominent development of the worldwide semiconductor industry as unveiled in this 8th ISESH conference is that the industry is paying increasing attention to the prevention of potential industrial hazards and pollution in advance rather than working on solutions when problems occur. The strategy has changed from “End of Pipe Control” to the concept of “Design for ESH”. By so doing, the industry will be able to optimize the utilization of resources and furthermore reduces possible contamination to the earth.

  In the 8th ISESH Conference, there are approximately 200 attendees from more than 8 countries. The enthusiastic participation showed the highly concerns of the semiconductor industry to the environment. The information sharing in this conference not only enhanced the cooperation of the five regions but also significantly improved the ESH technology of the worldwide semiconductor industry.
( TSIA contact: Ms. Roslyn Liu, e-mail : roslyn@tsia.org.tw )