New President of TSIA On Board

Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association(TSIA)announced Dr. Gordon Wen-Hsien Chen as the new President today.

Dr. Chen received
his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 1980 and
had his post-doctoral study at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center before
he returned to Taiwan. He has been professor at various universities and
has received Outstanding and Excellent Research Award from the National
Science Council for several times, and served as the convener for the
Physics sector of the National Science Council. In 1989, Prof. Chen transferred
to the government from academia and worked for the Ministry of Transportation
and Communications (MOTC) of Taiwan. He was Deputy Director General of
the Office of Scientific Advisory of MOTC and then Chairman of the Committee
of International Affairs, MOTC. He was the International Coordinator of
Triple-T Task Force of the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC)
and the General Coordinator of Taiwan for Transportation, Telecommunications
and Tourism Working Groups of APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Council) and
WTO. From 1998, Dr. Chen worked concurrently as a General Engineer of
Chunghwa Telecom until he joined TSIA on August 8, 2001.

Dr. Chen has been
granted Ten Outstanding Youth of the Year of Taiwan in 1985, Outstanding
Young Engineer of CIE, Hero of the National Military, and he also owns
numerous patents and has published more than 60 papers in IEEE and other
journals. Dr. Chen is currently a professor in the National Taiwan University,
tutoring Solid State Acoustic and Optical Devices. He has also been the
chairman of Taiwanese NDT Society, the chairman of Young Engineers of
CIE, convener of the Selection Group of Outstanding Engineering Professors
of CIE, and patent referee for Bureau of Intellectual Properties.

TSIA, founded in 1996, has served as the international contact for the
semiconductor industry in Taiwan in various international collaboration
programs, including PFC reduction and ITRS, SICAS, and WSTS activities.
TSIA became a member of the World Semiconductor Council (WSC) in 1999
and has been an active participant since then. For more information about
TSIA, please visit its website at