Company Standard Technology Corp.
   Representative Bill Lin
   Telephone 886-(0)3-575-0305
   Fax 886-(0)3-575-0308
   Products 1. Semiconductor manufacture field:
HBO lamp, and protection suit, lithography overlay and throughtput optimization software, Mask aligner, UV meter, Spin coater/ developer, Lift-off,
2D/3D/SD bump inspection, All metal gas filter, Gasket filter, Ultra-high purity chemical and auto-refill systems.

2. Wafer handling and Automation for IC and LED field:
Auto / Manual wafer transfer/ Flat/ Notch finder, Metal cassette, Vacuum wand handling system, Vertical wafer transfer system, and customized wafer handling system.

3. Laser, Touch Panel and O-E field:
Touch Panel glass scribing system, FS Laser system, Laser modules, GaN standard template, LCD HBO lamp, EUV lamp.

4. Others:
SEM preparation tool and materials, Halogen lamp for microscopy and IR lamp , Glass container/Wire & Tube drawing/General industrial lubricants.