Company Hermes Microvision Inc.
   Representative C. Y. Shu
   Telephone +886-3-666-9229
   Fax +886-3-666-9339
   Products eScan® series of e-beam inspection systems is designed for advanced wafer manufacturers. With the advent of eScan®, defectivity baseline in advanced fabs is being recalibrated. eScan® offers fast yield enhancement with the smallest e-beam inspection pixel size, highest sensitivity to DOI, and high-resolution imaging for inspection. Crystal clear on-tool review images effectively reduce the time-to-result cycle by eliminating most review SEM requirements. eScan® 320xp e-beam inspection system captures tiny physical defect and VC (Voltage Contrast) defects with HMI patented resolution enhancement

electron gun. eScan® 320xp’s LeapNScan™ technology with LFOV ( Large Field of View) and WWDS ( Whole Wafer Die Sampling ) provides effectively flexibility for process monitoring. eScan® 400xp with continuous scan e-beam inspection system provides most cost effective solution with balanced sensitivity and throughput for advanced memory and logic fabs.