Company Kingyoup Enterprises Co., Ltd.
   Representative Wei-San Wan
   Telephone +886-2-2999-1750
   Fax +886-2-2999-1747
   Products The approach of product and service portfolio enables Kingyoup to fulfill all customers’ requirements. A comprehensive range of product has been developed from straightforward tools to sophisticated production line, including hand tools, precision equipment, optical instrument, non-destructive testing equipment, semiconductor inspection system, FPD/LCD production line and inspection system, medical devices, vacuum sputtering system and environmental protection equipment.
To ensure quick response, timely delivery and excellent after-sales services, Kingyoup has managed qualified dealers in the island wide and has set up the branch offices in Taicang in China. Surrounding FPD / LCD manufacturers in Taiwan and China, the service centers located at Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan and Dong Guan (China) have provided for 24hrs/7days uninterrupted on call service.