Semiconductor IP Value Strategies Seminar 半導體智財價值策略研討會
台灣半導體產業協會(TSIA)、經濟部台美產業合作推動辦公室(TUSA, MOEA)
2014-09-04 13:30 ~ 2014-09-04 16:45
竹科篤行館2F集思廳 (GIS Conference Room, Living One, HsinChu Science Based Park, Taiwan)
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幣別: 新台幣(NTD)
瑞昱半導體(Realtek)、聯發科(Mediatek)、IBM、Reed Smith、宇東(Transpacific IP)
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報 名(Contact):江珮君小姐
電話: 03-591-3181
傳真: 03-582-0056

The changes in the IP space have been significant and fast-moving, and the traditional boundaries of licensor and licensee, or patent buyer, seller and broker have been blurred.  We organized this seminar as a forum for discussing the trends and challenges of IP valuation for the IC industry.  This is an opportunity to bring together different perspectives from the IP space.  The topics that we will cover include buy-side valuation and due diligence as well as source-side valuation and view on patent quality. Please join with us at Living One in Hsinchu Science Park on September 4, Thursday, 2014.

13:00~13:30 Registration 報到
13:30~13:40 Opening 開幕  Yee-Wei Huang, Vice President, Realtek Semiconductor 瑞昱半導體 黃依瑋副總經理
13:40~14:00 Opening Remark & Keynote: Trends and Developments in US IP Law and Implications for Taiwan Companies, WF Hsu, Corporate Vice President & General Counsel, Mediatek 聯發科 許維夫副總經理暨法務長
14:00~14:40 Topic: Patent Valuation from a "Source" Point of View, Luke Lin, Manager of Licensing - Greater China Group, IBM Corporation
14:40~15:20 Topic: Patent Valuation from a "User" Point of View, Steven Baik, Partner, Reed Smith
15:20~15:30 TEA Break
15:30~16:10 Topic: How To Be A Helpful Intermediary in Patent Transactions, Robert Chao, SVP, GM - Taiwan, Transpacific IP (宇東)
16:10~16:40 Panel Discussion

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